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Bifocals and presbyopia

Presbyopia is an eye condition that makes it difficult for most men and women over 40 to focus up close. As our arms get “too short” we begin to need reading glasses or bifocals to read books or computers. The vision changes are due to aging of the crystalline lens inside of our eyes. Although there is no “fountain of youth”, there are several options for dealing with the frustration of presbyopia. A common solution is available to nearsighted patients - just remove your glasses! Of course, in order to see in the distance, the glasses must be put back on.

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An alternative to glasses is to use one eye's vision for distance and the other eye for near. This is called monovision. Monovision can be achieved using contact lenses, laser, or lens implants.


Other types of vision correction

LASIK  |  PRK  | High prescription lens implants

Kristen Lingg
"Even with contacts correcting my poor vision I still had problems with halos around runway lights at night. Immediately after surgery I could see better than I ever had. My vision is better than perfect and halo free."
Kristen Lingg, Pilot - Wichita, KS

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