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What To Expect At Your LASIK Consultation

Thursday, December 2 2021 12:13 PM
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Because your eyes must meet certain specifications to qualify for LASIK, it’s important that we gain a deep understanding of you, your lifestyle, and your eyes before we schedule your surgery.

Our LASIK consultations are free of charge and take about forty-five minutes to an hour to complete. They are simply a way for us to evaluate your eyes to qualify you for refractive surgery.

Though a consultation is pretty straightforward for us, we recognize that you may be unsure of what to expect, causing a bit of worry and anxiety beforehand. Here, we’re hoping to relieve a bit of that uncertainty with a personalized walkthrough of what a consultation looks like at Grene Laser.

Pre-Consultation Requirements

We have a few pre-consultation requirements for those who wear contacts. These requirements vary, depending on what type of contacts you wear.  

Those who wear soft contacts are asked to remain out of them for two weeks prior to the consult. Because contacts can reshape your cornea, this time out of them allows your cornea to “bounce back,” providing more accurate readings during your consultation.  

Patients who wear rigid or gas permeable contacts are asked to remain out of their contacts for four weeks prior to the consult for the same reason as soft contact wearers.

Day of the Consultation

Pam Wiens, our laser technician, has been in the eye care field for 30+ years and is extremely knowledgeable. She has been with us at Grene Laser since 2002. Trust us when we say you’re in good hands with Pam!

From the minute you arrive at our office Pam guides your consultation, getting you started by taking you through multiple eye evaluations on a few of our machines. These varying tests evaluate different parts of your eyes, giving us a fuller picture of whether you’re a good candidate for refractive surgery.

The Exam Room

Cue scary music: Dun, Dun, Duuuunnnn…

Just kidding! There’s really nothing scary about this part.

Once you’ve completed initial testing with Pam, she’ll take you into one of our exam rooms. Pam will evaluate your visual acuity (think 20/20) and perform a refraction to determine your prescription.

Once she completes the refraction, she’ll dilate your eyes with a few drops, ask you about the day-to-day demands you put on your eyes, and inquire about your visual goals.

At this time, Pam will organize all the information she has gathered about your eyes and present it one of our highly talented and experience doctors. She and your doctor will review the information together and determine which type of surgery is best for you - LASIK or PRK.

Approximately ten minutes after giving you the drops, your eyes will be fully dilated. Your doctor will enter the exam room to evaluate the health of your corneas and retinas and the clarity of your intraocular lenses.

Once this part of the examination is complete, your doctor will discuss your refractive surgery options. Based upon your information, they will provide statistics on the likelihood of 20/20 vision after the procedure, the risks involved with the surgery, and steps for follow-up care. They will also answer any questions you may have.  

If it’s determined that you’re a good candidate for refractive surgery, one of our technicians will direct you to the consulting room where she will go over the costs of the procedure, the follow-up course, any medications you may need, all risk factors associated with the procedure, and your scheduling options.  

And that's it! Quick, painless, and full of information for you to make the best decision for your eye health. 

In Summary

We know this sounds like a lot. And when you’re new to it all, it can be nerve-wracking. But remember, you’re in experienced hands.

Your free consultation takes less than an hour and will give you everything you need to know. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Shalee Lehning
"Playing sports is hard enough without worrying about your contacts. The inconvenience of losing contacts during practice and competition was frustrating for me. The decision to have the surgery was the best decision I have made!"
Shalee Lehning, K-State Women's Assistant Coach / Former WNBA and K-State Player - Manhattan, KS

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