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In Good Company: 4 Celebrities & Athletes Who Got LASIK in 2016

Tuesday, November 29 2016 12:25 PM

For a group of people who are frequently in the spotlight AND have to be at the top of their game, it’s no wonder so many athletes and celebrities have elected to have LASIK surgery. From Friends star Courtney Cox to golfer Tiger Woods to actor Brad Pitt, you might be surprised to learn how many famous people have decided to ditch their glasses.

While you may not be performing to sold out stadiums or playing in the NBA finals, you too might be considering LASIK. (Really, why else would you be reading this?)

If you’re considering the procedure for yourself, know you’re in good company. Here are just a few of the celebrities and athletes who have undergone the procedure this year.  

Danny Green (San Antonio Spurs)

Danny Green

 Though he says his eyesight wasn’t bad to begin with, Spurs Guard Danny Green chose to have LASIK shortly after his team lost the Western Conference Semifinals to Oklahoma.

Though he won’t attribute a decline in shooting to poor eyesight, we’d like to think the incentive of clearer vision had something to do with his decision.


Vince Neil (Motley Crue)

Vince Neil

Longtime frontman for rock band Motley Crue, Neil recently underwent LASIK surgery at a Nevada clinic. His reasons were similar to the ones we hear from our patients: can’t drive or watch TV without glasses, needed a prescription for sunglasses, and annoyance with glasses in general.

While his stage presence wasn’t affected by glasses, it sounds like the rest of his life was. 

Chris Paul (LA Clippers)

Chris Paul

Paul recently joked in an LA Times article that his shooting percentage is up this year because of his recent LASIK surgery. Paul, who wears glasses off the court, elected to have the surgery over the summer.

Avoiding wearing contacts on the court and memorizing the eye chart were just a couple of ways Paul learned to cope. Now that he’s seeing better? His shooting percentage is up 11 points over his career average.


Tom Sandoval (Vanderpump Rules)

Tom Sandoval

Star of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules,” Sandoval keeps a busy travel schedule. With a need to “get up and go” in the mornings, often times after late nights and traveling, he was annoyed with contact lenses.

While he was nervous to have the surgery, he claims to be “very happy” with the results.



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Justin Best
"After having to wear contacts for 20 years, I knew it was time to throw them away when I became a firefighter. I now wake up to respond to an alarm with clear vision and I don't have to worry about my eyes. It truly was an amazing and life changing experience."
Justin Best, Newton Fire / EMS - Newton, KS

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