High Prescription Eye Surgery in Wichita, KS

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Wichita Eye Surgery

Although LASIK and PRK are excellent options for 90% of our patients, some prescriptions are too high to be treated using a laser. Other options are available and the experienced eye surgeons at Grene Laser in Wichita, KS will determine which procedure may be best to help you achieve crisp, clear vision. 

What High Prescription Surgery Options are Available?

Patients with a high prescription can be treated using an intraocular lens (or IOL for short). Both high farsightedness and high nearsightedness can be eliminated or dramatically reduced using high tech IOLs. There is even a lens implant designed specifically to treat astigmatism.

The use of lens implants to correct vision is not new. Similar IOLs have been used to restore vision for millions of cataract patients. Patients that receive lens implants to eliminate their dependence upon thick glasses are benefiting from the very long track record (more than 30 years) of lens implant usage.

LASIK eye surgery

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Concerned your high prescription means you might not be a candidate for LASIK? Schedule a consultation with the skilled eye doctors of Grene Laser. We’ll assess your eye health and discuss the best treatment options for your specific needs.